Book a banquet in Tilly Willy.


We are often asked about it.

So, we decided to explain it here.

1. Only the administrator accepts the banquet (phones: 703-22-03 or 067-203-22-03). Only the administrator knows if this or that banquet hall is free on this or that day. It is better to make an order when you visit a children’s town. Sometimes orders are accepted by phone (with a condition of the subsequent arrival with advance payment). Advance payment – 30-50% of the cost of the banquet.

2. There is no minimum mandatory order for a certain amount.

3. Birthday person receives a ticket giving the right of free entry on his\her next visit. Group discounts for entrance when ordering a banquet are not provided.

4. Air balloons, show programs, other paraphernalia accompanying the holidays – all of this can also be ordered with our help (administrator has a booklets with photos and prices, so it’s more convenient for you to make the choice easier).

5. Our current menu is under this link: menu (opens in new tab) Also ask our administrator about the banquet menu.

6. Any possible loyalties (your birthday cake, for example, etc.) depend on the amount of the banquet order and are discussed individually with the administrator when ordering.


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